• Middle School spring concert
  • Kindergarten graduation
  • Sports banquet
  • Awards ceremony
  • Final Exams, Regents
  • Graduation

Done! All done! It was hairy there for a minute, but SCHOOOOL’S OUT.FOR.SUMMER!

OCSC is celebrating with you! Bring on the beach, the pool, the barbecues, the vacations! And bring on the fitness center because there’s no better time than the present!

We’re set up for the whole family this summer! That’s right – we are ready for your summer of fitness and fun! We’ve met and conferred and discussed for months to make sure that NO ONE misses out this summer. We have dozens of classes scheduled for every member of the family!

And, really, can we all agree that our bodies deserve the attention? They deserve the activity! We’re so hard on them and they deserve some positive reinforcement. Our hearts need to pump for better reasons than work stress, our pores need to sweat for better reasons than anxiety, our bones need the weight of intentional exercise instead of just carrying us from meeting to class to an appointment. We need to REST, and we need to MOVE. They are equally important for our health and they produce the endorphins that make us feel like we can rule the world. So, let’s get moving!

Make it a point to peruse our entire website for schedules and classes. Just for a sampling, though, we have adult classes including

Yoga           BODYPUMP           Cycling            Forever Fit

The kids will have a blast at camps!

Ninja Warrior Boot Camp    Gymnastics Day Camps     Dance Camps

If weekly classes are more your style, we are still enrolling for our summer session.  Try:

Gymnastics               Trampoline          Warrior Zone           Fencing

And check out our new Tae Kwon Do schedule – all ages are encouraged to practice this fitness, self-defense, and confidence-boosting discipline, and we even have family classes!

The littlest of littles will also have a blast, as our super-fun play safe gym has lots of hours and space for babysitting your future fitness lovers!

Give us a call at 845-651-1000 or head to our website to enroll.