Discover Your Best Self

Anyone who has started down the path to fitness knows that sometimes you need encouragement to help motivate you on your journey. OCSC has a team of amazing certified personal trainers who are ready to help you reach your fitness goals. There are a variety of ways you can get involved in the personal training program at OCSC.

Complimentary Fitness Orientation

Every member is entitled to a complementary fitness orientation with one of our personal trainers. During this session an OCSC Personal Trainer will help you define your fitness goals, introduce you to the gym floor so you can learn how the apparatus works and provide you with the basics you need to complete a workout that benefits your total body.

One on One Training

Personal attention delivers results and helps make your goals a reality! Working with a personal trainer means you have a trained partner ready to design a workout unique to you.

Are you ready for a new you? Once you sign up for personal training sessions, your trainer will provide a Personal Fitness Evaluation. This evaluation is made up of tests used to measure your body composition, cardiovascular endurance, overall strength, endurance, and flexibility. Once this is complete, we are able to give you a realistic understanding of your overall fitness level and come up with a plan to get you to where you want to go.

Per Session
Per Session
Per Session
Per Session

*6 month expiration on 25 session package. 3 month expiration on 15, 5 and 1 session package.

Buddy Training

Feel more comfortable working out with a friend? Do you have a partner who shares your fitness goals and will help you stay focused during your fitness journey? Our trainers provide Buddy Training Packages where one trainer works with a pair of clients helping them both attain a similar goal.

Buddy Training Rates (2 Students)
1 Session: $50/pp/session


Small Group Training is sure to kick your metabolism into high gear with effective interval training that will energize you and get you in the best shape ever. The high level of coaching supervision required means that each session has a limited capacity. Class size will be limited to 4 – 6 people and you must register in advance for each session.

8 Sessions a Month for $119 (that’s less than $15 per 45 minute session)

Our Training Staff

All trainers at OCSC must be properly educated and hold a certification with an accredited nationally recognized personal training program.  This includes: ACSM , ISSA, National Academy of Sports Medicine, The National Strength and Conditioning Association, NFTA, The American Council of Exercise and/or an undergraduate or graduate degree in a related field. Our training team is excited to help you to better maximize your work out time, keep you injury free and help you get the most from your OCSC membership.  To find out more about our personal trainers, check out their bios below.

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Larry, an avid runner, has been a personal trainer for 15 years. He believes no matter what you do when training, with consistency and effort you will be successful. He also believes being in shape is not all about looking good; it’s about feeling good and enjoying life. Larry incorporates circuit and heart rate based training to maximize calorie expenditure during and after exercise. Using functional movements in strength training you’ll improve everyday life quality.

Email for more information on making an appointment with Larry.

Certifications: ACE, NPTI Personal Trainer & Mad Dogg Athletics Cycling

Philosophy: Consistency + Intensity = Success

Discipline is self love. I believe practicing discipline allows us to show up for ourselves and those around us. I genuinely want to create lasting changes in your life no matter where you are in your journey or what you have tried before. Together we work on pushing through barriers and getting results. That may include running a 5k, fitting into those jeans or just feeling better about yourself. I use all aspects of fitness so you don’t get bored. I look at exercise as a priority not an option. It starts with keeping the promises we make to ourselves. My passion & dedication as a Personal Trainer focuses on motivating my clients to reach their full potential physically & mentally so they may add life to their years.

Email for more information on making an appointment with Meryl.

Certifications: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor

Emphasis: Weight loss, strength training, toning and flexibility, pilates. endurance training

Philosophy: “I feel we are our only competition. Our goal today is to be better than we were yesterday. And that’s the only scale to measure ourselves.”