We offer additional opportunities for adults to have fun and get fit at OCSC!

Forever Fit is a group fitness class designed especially for seniors who are looking for a cardiovascular workout that also strengthens and tones.

OCSC opens our Gymnastics Floor and Warrior Zone a couple of nights a week. We give adults (16+) the opportunity to retain your gymnastic skills or take on some of the popular obstacles as seen on American Ninja Warrior.


Cycling is a fantastic way to burn a ton of calories, strengthen your legs and relieve stress! Our Cycling studio is full of Keiser Bikes waiting to take you on the ride of your life! So find your ideal class time, get into the saddle, put your feet in the clips and join us as we guide you on a mind/body journey over imaginary terrain to music that will keep you motivated! Polar Heart rate monitors are highly recommended for all spin classes.

Yoga for All Levels

Elevate your well-being with our Yoga classes for all levels- a harmonious blend of mindfulness and body awareness. Our classes encourage not only physical health, but the powerful connection between breath and movement. Join us in cultivating a mindful space where every breath is a step toward vibrant, joyful living. 

Chair Yoga

Discover the gentle and energizing practice of our accessible yoga class, thoughtfully modified to cater to individuals who may find it difficult to get onto the floor and back up. Chair yoga focuses on seated and standing postures, ensuring a nurturing environment where everyone can participate comfortably. Experience the profound benefits of yoga without the need for floor exercises, as we guide you through a mindful journey that enhances flexibility, balance, and well-being. Join us in creating a space where the joy of yoga is accessible to all.