You Don’t Have to Wait Until January 1 to Begin Your New Year’s Resolution

What if you started now? You could be 2 weeks ahead of the game. You could achieve momentum early. You could wake up on January 1st knowing you have already reached some initial goals.

You could be successful earlier this time!

Here at OCSC, we tend to center our goals and resolutions around health (naturally)! We like measurable improvement, meaning numbers: the number on the scale, on our clothing tags, on our blood work results, reps of an exercise, exercise machine weight…you get the point.

If you started NOW – before Christmas – You’d save yourself the nightmare of the post-holiday scale’s truth, the hours lost at the gym, the tight outfits, and the poor quality. If you start your journey to a healthier you by jump-starting your fitness goals for 2019 now, you’d be sending the unmistakable message that you matter, that self-care is important. We want to help you discover the best version of yourself!

At Orange County Sports Club, our New Year’s Resolution is to help you achieve yours! No more broken promises to yourself! Let’s work together to help you go after your fitness goals! You deserve health, fitness, wellness, and wholeness. You’ve earned it. So start TODAY!!

We have a limited-time offer to help new members jump-start their 2019 fitness goals.  New members can enroll in a year-long membership, paying NO enrollment fee, 6 months at $19.95 and 6 months at $39.95.

What’s stopping you from reaching your goals?

Improve your health, strengthen your body, elevate your mood, boost your self-esteem, make new friends, and HAVE FUN!!