OCSC’s top 5 reasons to keep kids moving!

Kids need to run & jump & play!  According to the CDC…

Children aged 6 – 17 should be getting in 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily.  

I bet that some days you have to beg them to drag themselves away from their screens to do something other than watching TV, videos on YouTube, or playing video games.  You may find yourself agreeing that it would be better for them to be more physically active.


Obviously a facility that provides youth programming and has Sports in their title is going to tell you that kids need to be active – and we are – but it is also true that we have science on our side!

  1. Physical Activity builds strong bones.  Physical activity helps kids to build strong bones.
  2. Kids who are Physically Active reduce their risk of developing health conditions.  Health conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, cancer and heart disease have all been linked to inactivity.
  3. Regular Physical Activity helps kids control their weight.  Kids who are less active can end up with an energy imbalance.  Meaning they expend less energy than they take in through their diet.  This in turn increases their risk for obesity.
  4. Physical Activity helps to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression in kids as well as adults.  Growing up can be stressful.   There are many situations kids face in the course of a day that can cause them to be anxious.  The good news is that kids who are active are shown to display less symptoms associated with anxiety and depression.  
  5. Kids who are Physically Active do better in schoolStudents who participate in physical activities and sports tend to have better attendance, get better grades and have improved concentration and memory.  

We’ve got a ton of different activities for kids of all ages at OCSC.  There are classes for pre-K kids to help them get used to feeling comfortable on gymnastic equipment.  There are a wide range of gymnastic classes for beginners to competitive programs for older teens. We’ve got trampoline classes, cheerleading classes, tumbling classes.  We’ve got fencing and martial arts. We’ve got dance classes in many forms from hip hop to lyrical. We’ve got a killer Warrior Zone where girls and boys ages 6 and up can play like an American Ninja Warrior racing against the clock.  No matter what your kid’s interests are, they are sure to find some way to get active…to run and jump and play! So we encourage you to get them off their screens and bring them in to have a little fun! The benefits will far exceed the initial scuffle!  Science said so!