• We know that music feeds the soul, so it makes sense that dance would do the same!  Here are our top reasons why:

    Dance Creates Social Skills

    In a dance class, your child will make new friends, build connections with their teachers and learn a whole new way of communicating (with an audience) when they participate in recitals.  These are all great for your kid socially speaking but the fact that they are learning a skill that will help them have confidence at potentially awkward social events like school dances is a huge bonus for their soul!

    Dance Keeps them Fit

    Attending dance class keeps kids away from the world of electronics for a while which in and of itself is a huge plus.  It gets them moving, increases flexibility and builds strength!  A fit body is a healthy body and a healthy body is good for the soul.

    Dance is Brain Food

    Dance gets your kids moving which is a good exercise that is great for your body but it’s also good for your brain!  A body that is in motion means that blood is flowing into and out of all areas of your body.  Increased blood flow helps brain cells grow and make connections.

    Dance Helps Kids Express Themselves

    Dance opens the door to a whole new world of self-expression.  Learning to dance teaches them to connect with the music and no matter what your child is feeling, they will have an outlet to share a piece of their soul with the world around them.

    OCSC and Northeast Dance Movement have some awesome dance classes perfect for kids who are ready to learn something new, get their bodies moving and burn off some excess energy.  We’ve got several different genres of dance to choose from including ballet, hip hop, lyrical and more.  To sign up your child for a dance class at OCSC – give us a call at 845-651-1000 or visit our website at orangecountysportsclub.com.