Do you have a cheerleader at home that is looking for a place to practice and improve their tumbling skills?  If so, we’ve got the perfect class for you!

Learning proper techniques and tumbling skills will help your child excel as part of their cheerleading team!  Whether they participate on a recreational, all-star, elementary, junior high or high school team, OCSC’s cheer classes will help them improve! Our Cheer class is open to children ages 6 and up. During class, beginning students will work on drills that get them ready for cartwheels, roundoffs, and back handsprings.  While more experienced students will work on drills that prepare them for more advanced skills. Our Cheer & Tumble classes meet on Tuesday evenings at 5pm. With two summer sessions, to make it easier to schedule classes around family vacation times.  Session One runs July 5th – 30th and Session Two runs from August 1st – August 27th.

Now Offering Advanced Cheer!

We are very excited to announce that for the first time we will be offering an Advanced Cheer class for students who are looking for a place to practice their tumbling skills.  If your child can do a round-off back handspring, give us a call so that we can evaluate your child for our Advanced Class.  Advanced Cheer will be held on Thursday evening at 5pm and we have 2 sessions on the schedule: July 5th – July 30th and August 1st – Aug 27th.

To find out more about OCSC’s Cheer & Tumbling classes, we invite you to visit Or, for more information or give us a call at 845-651-1000.