• August and September are arguably the HOTTEST point of the year. How do you cool off? A dip in the pool? Rest in the A/C? No matter what stay-cool activity you choose, the best defense against the heat is drinking enough water!

    Every year, we hear of cases of heat exhaustion or even heat stroke. We have an app for that!! Our intelligently designed, healthy bodies are programmed to combat the environmental heat by sweating! But we can’t sweat if we don’t have enough water.

    Without getting too science-y, let’s discuss the effects of overheating when our bodies are unable to regulate our temperature due to lack of water. When your body overheats, the most severe effect is heatstroke; but overexposure to high temperatures can also lead to heat exhaustion, heat rash, and heat syncope (fainting). The following signs and symptoms should warn you when you’ve had too much heat: nausea, dizziness, headache, weakness, tingling skin, fatigue, change in heart rate, and either sweating a LOT, or, worse, not at all.

    The biggest and most important measure we can take to prevent overheating is to drink enough water! If you don’t, you could be at risk for dehydration.

    Dehydration is uncomfortable at best, and deadly at worst. The mildest symptoms include mood changes, constipation, memory and concentration problems. As the condition progresses, the kidneys are affected, cellular respiration is inhibited, circulation slows, and the body cannot maintain healthy homeostasis. In short, dehydration makes you feel miserable.

    A healthy “average” adult requires somewhere around 64 ounces of water per day. Basically, we need to replace all that we lose through sweating and urinating, and then some, to ensure healthy circulation, cellular regeneration, and internal lubrication.  Experts differ in opinion on what constitutes “water,” but basically, anything that isn’t alcohol or caffeinated counts. Gone are the days where health gurus preached that only pure water is acceptable. Just drink!

    Here are two remarkably accurate signs that you are NOT adequately hydrated:

    1. You feel thirsty
    2. Your urine is dark.

    If either of these factors are present, drink more STAT!!

    So PLEASE when you come to work out at OCSC, bring water. Exercising requires you to drink more! Come to think of it, why not go grab a nice tall glass of something right now? Drink up! Offer the kiddo’s cups of cold water or diluted beverages. We care about you!