• Autumn is here. This means that winter is not far behind and the dreaded winter weight gain is threatening to make an appearance.

    Were you nodding along while you read that opening?  We tend to just accept that summer is for being thin and winter is for packing on a few extra pounds.  Why is that? Is it because you have a history that tells you it is true?  Is it a habit?  Is the winter weight gain easier to hide due to the layers of clothing we put on to stay warm rather than the swimsuits and shorts we wear all summer long?

    Why not be proactive for a change?

    Let’s stop that mindset this year. It’s not like we’re hibernating! Life goes on all year, so start here with a few simple tips to keep winter weight gain away:

    • EAT FRESH year ‘round. Just because we don’t grow fresh vegetables and fruits, and the local farmers markets close, doesn’t mean we don’t have access to the best the world has to offer. Supermarkets bring us the best fresh produce available from all over the earth, maybe we can’t find strawberries in March, but we can sure make use of what is available.
    • Commit HALF of each meal plate to vegetables (and fruits). Just having this fixed on our minds when we plan our meals is helpful with our mindset toward food amidst the winter

    blahs and lack of direct sunlight. Need help with ideas? A great government website for up-to-date information is myplate.gov.

    • Continue to monitor your weight. Don’t do this as an excuse to shame yourself, but as an accountability tool. Write your current weight on your calendar and plan to stay there all winter. If you choose to lower that number, that’s up to you.
    • Don’t buy new clothes.  If your clothes get snug, promise yourself that you won’t buy anything new. Instead, let us help you come up with a PLAN to get yourself fit so they are comfortable again.
    • Plan your class or workout schedule NOW! Studies show that group classes and friends who are on the same fitness path help us stay on the fitness path. So pull out your calendar and see which awesome group fitness class you want to try this week.  Or if you are having trouble motivating yourself, text a friend and invite them to work out with you, just be sure to talk to a member of the membership team about a free guest pass before you arrive at the gym.

    OCSC loves our members and we want nothing more than to see you succeed.  Forget the fear of winter weight gain!  You’ve got this!  And we want to help.  For a limited time, we are offering a 30-day membership for just $30!  Explore our state of the art fitness center filled with an awesome cardio studio, free weights and more.  Check out our wide variety of group fitness classes including Zumba, yoga, and cycle.  Be proactive about winter weight gain and say no to those extra holiday pounds, give us a call at 845-651-1000 or visit our website at orangecountysportsclub.com today.

    We at OCSC love our members and we want nothing more than your success. Winter Weight

    Gain?? Nah! We got this!