You can almost hear the rumble of school buses in the distance.

You know it’s coming.

The blissful, unscheduled days of summer are coming to a close and life is about to get busy. Soon enough you will be setting early morning alarms, hunting down matching socks and packing balanced lunches. Can you already feel yourself getting overwhelmed??

To get ahead of the game, below are some ways to get you and your kids back to school ready.

Get that shopping done.  From lunch boxes to first-day looks, sometimes it feels like there is no end to the things you need to buy for a new school year. Make a list and a budget of all the things your kids will need and split up the shopping trips over the coming weeks. Divide and conquer as you stock up on extra socks (there never seems to be enough pairs), outfits and school supplies. Don’t forget to add lunch favorites as well as adding money to your students’ lunch accounts online.

Read with your child.  Think the time for summer reading is over? Think again. It’s never too late to tackle new books. Any reading a child can do outside of school helps your child in the long run, not only in the classroom but also in life. According to the Scholastic reading report: “Seventy-four percent of children agree that reading fiction and nonfiction is a way to help them understand the world, with a similar percent (73%) agreeing that reading about current events makes it easier to talk about or understand them.”

Take some time with your kids to understand what they love.  Before you start blazing a trail in your minivan from activity to activity, find out what activities your kids really want to be involved in for the coming year. Maybe your daughter wants to play soccer this year instead of lacrosse. Maybe your son has a desire to switch instruments. Having a plan ahead of time can help you anticipate any upcoming schedule conflicts.

Make a plan to stay active. Once school starts and all the crazy with packing lunches and doing homework starts to trickle in, it’s harder to stay on top of a healthy schedule! This is as true for you as it is for your kids. You must work activity into your schedule so that it stays a priority. A really great way to ensure an active school year is to sign your kids up for classes that will make them excited to be active! OCSC has a variety of classes for kids. You can sign your kids up for dance, martial arts or warrior zone classes which help them work off their academic stress while you meet with a personal trainer or take a group fitness class!  It’s a total win/win!!

To find out more, check out our website for our upcoming fall and winter classes.

Back to school can be an overwhelming time.  By planning out the transition ahead of time; you can reduce the stress for you and your whole family. We hope our little list helped you feel that you aren’t alone and maybe gave you a tip that will help it be a little less overwhelming!