Finding yourself in a fitness rut?

Maybe the longterm relationship you have with the treadmill just isn’t what it used to be or maybe you’ve been timidly eyeing a new group class that looks like fun. You should change up your status quo by trying something new at the gym today. So… Go tell the treadmill you’d like to see other people and give one of these workouts a try:


Is it a party or is it exercise? One can’t always tell when they step through the doors of a Zumba class, but does it really matter? Come crank that Latin music up and get your dance on. Staying in shape has never been more fun as you dance away the time and calories in a fun, high energy rhythm class. It’s like going out for a night of dancing – without the lame pickup lines.


Increase your flexibility while toning and strengthening your muscles through the practice of Yoga. This ancient exercise utilizes deep breathing to promote relaxation while achieving the benefits of exercise. So if you find yourself at your wit’s end with the free-for-all that can be summer, don’t hide in the bathroom for some peace and quiet, grab a yoga mat and recenter your sanity while building a stronger body.

Personal Training

Is accountability your thing? For those of us who have a hard time showing up for ourselves or are too intimidated to leave the safe and predictable on/off switches of the cardio equipment, a personal trainer just might be for you. A personal trainer is a great way to make a set workout appointment and partner with a coach who can demystify all those other machines that you’ve been too afraid to try. You never know, you might find a deep love for weight training that you didn’t know existed. Don’t worry… we won’t tell the treadmill.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts combines impactful exercise with confidence building. When you become a student of this practice, you are building a better body from the inside out, as well as building character. In addition to the multiple health benefits, martial arts promote situational awareness and teaches self-defense techniques that prevent us from becoming victims.

If you find yourself doing the same thing at the gym every time you show up, kudos to you for your deep commitment to working out, but adding variety to our workout schedules can benefit us in many ways. A plethora of workout options keeps things interesting, it challenges us to learn new skills and step outside of our comfort zones. So while your history with the treadmill may be long and complicated even, it’s okay to venture out into the great unknown and add a few additional workout options to your tried and true repertoire.