The Martial Arts program at OCSC focuses on developing character, respect & self-control through the teaching of two styles of Martial Arts.  While many recognize the names of each discipline, few understand the differences between each type.  We thought we would give a brief rundown of the major types of Martial Arts as well as a description of the two types of classes we offer here at OCSC, Tae Kwon Do & Tai Chi.

1 – Judo
This Japanese form of Martial Arts means gentle way in English.  Although the over-all goal is to take your opponent to the ground and subdue them, when you look a little deeper at the meaning of the name, you get a clue to the nuances of this particular style.  The first part of the word, the JU actually means that you don’t resist your opponent’s strength; instead you use their strength to your advantage.  The last part of the word, the DO simply means method.  So Judo is the gentle method of martial arts where you use your opponent’s strength to take them to the ground and subdue them.

2 – Karate
Another Japanese form of Martial Arts, Karate means empty hand in English.  Focusing more on self defense than health benefits, this style of Martial Arts stresses striking techniques rather than wrestling or throwing your opponent to the ground.

3 – Kung Fu
Kung Fu is an incredibly disciplined form of Chinese Martial Arts.  Although there are a wide variety of styles each with a different focus, the main characteristic of Kung Fu is the development of strength through blocking punches and low stances.

4 – Tae Kwon Do
By far the most popular of the Martial Arts, this Korean form is also one of the oldest.  Tae Kwon Do is practiced to learn self defense techniques without weapons but for many people, Tae Kwon Do is a way of life.  Although it is similar in look to Karate, it is seen as a more artistic discipline that stresses kicking techniques.  This Olympic sport gives grace and power to those who practice it and is said to improve posture, balance, attention to detail and self confidence as well.

5 – Tai Chi
Described as the internal Chinese Martial Art, Tai Chi is beautiful to watch.  Well known for the fluidity of movement and often characterized by its slow pace, it is practiced for both self defense and health.  The movements allow for a focus on the breath which slows down your heart rate and in turn relaxes your mind.

OCSC invites you to find out if the study of Martial Arts is right for your kids!  Our All Access Pass allows your children to each try one class while you get to enjoy 3 days of access to our fitness center and 7 days of all you can take group fitness classes!  Contact a membership consultant for details.

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