Competition can be fierce!

And it doesn’t get much fiercer than when you find yourself competing with the glow of screens for your kids’ attention. You want them to be active, but your ideas are sometimes met with less than enthusiastic responses.

How many times have you suggested that your child go outside and join the three dimensional people to get some fresh air and exercise, only to be met with…

just five more minutes mom!

I’m on a level that in the game I’ve never reached before!
I can’t stop now!!!

or worse…

the sigh of teen exasperation.

Before you start hiding chargers, might we suggest a sport that takes exercise and competition and disguises it as fun?

It’s time to diversify their social portfolios by signing them up for something that will build their endurance as well as engage their minds. Oh, and did we forget to mention that it’s fun? We did? Well, it’s really, really fun.

Trampoline classes are where high energy aerobic activity meets exhilarating competition.

Lock up those game controllers; put those phones in time out (at least temporarily) because it’s time to get moving in one of our trampoline classes.

Their bodies will get moving, their minds will follow and they’ll experience all the aerobic benefits that runners get with less wear and tear on their bodies. It’s a great way to blow off steam, ease academic stress and increase confidence.

I don’t hear any downsides, do you?

For those that want to take it up a notch, OCSC offers trampoline as a competitive sport as well.

As one of the few official USA Gymnastics Trampoline Development Centers in the country, kids can now learn the fundamentals and techniques of this sport from our trained staff in order to compete.

Trampoline classes are just the thing you need to get your kids moving this summer and beyond! For more information, we’ll see you at the desk!