The holidays are coming!

Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are all just around the corner.

Reading that either filled you with cheer, dread or a little bit of both.

Between the family gatherings, company parties, school activities and all the tempting treats it is easy to feel overwhelmed and get wrapped up in the fun and overindulge.

It doesn’t matter whether you are feeling excited about the upcoming season or dreading it, the best way to survive the holidays is by coming up with a plan.

Below are a few of the areas in our lives that tend to get out of whack during the holiday season and some tips to help you come up with a plan to keep them in check!

All The Food
Yup, the holiday season is often filled with all the wonderful foods you love to eat and before you know it, you’ll add 5 pounds to your frame.  Come up with a plan to allow yourself some fun during the holiday season without going overboard.  Here are some helpful tips:

  • Drink a glass of water before a party or family gathering
  • If you are asked to bring something, make sure it is a healthy treat you love to eat.
  • Allow yourself to sample the foods you love and give yourself the permission to say no to foods that are not your favorite.

Don’t Overload Your Schedule
It is ok to say no.  No really it is ok.  You do not have to make an appearance at every holiday function you are invited to attend.  Think ahead and make plans for the people and places that are most important in your life and say no to the rest.  If this has traditionally been a struggle for you, enlist a friend or relative to be your accountability partner.  Talk through your party priority list and ask them to help you to remember to that it is ok (no really it is ok) to say no.

Come Up With A Plan To Deal With Stress

One of the best ways you can ease the stress in your life is to exercise.  Make sure you have a plan for fitting exercise into your busy holiday schedule.  How?  Here are a couple of tips.

  • Schedule appointments in your calendar for a group fitness class you love!
  • Arrange to meet a buddy!  We’ve got a Bring A Buddy promotion going on now that allows you to give a friend a Free 30 day membership when you join OCSC.

Is your child enrolled in classes at OCSC?  Use that time to hop on a treadmill and blog off some holiday stress.