We’ve entered the season of giving and everywhere you look there are advertisements filled with suggestions.

We’ve got the perfect gift for everyone on your list…

The first gift on your list? 

Start with YOU.

If you’ve been concerned about the amount of time your kids spend playing video games or the fact that you and your significant other have fallen into a pattern of inactivity, it’s time to let everyone know that you’ve made getting healthy a priority.  Inspire your family to begin a health journey of their own by getting up and getting moving!  Sign yourself up for a membership at a health club like Orange County Sports Club.

Even though it’s a gift for you, it truly is a gift that will benefit everyone.  According to the National Institute of Health those who participate in regular physical activity will add up to 4.5 years to their life.  Your family would love knowing that you are investing in your future by building habits that could very well help you live a longer life.

The best gift of all is the gift of a healthier you! 

Move to your LOVE.
It could be your spouse, your sibling, your parent or maybe your best friend.  If you have someone in your life that has already started a fitness journey, give them a little boost with a Personal Training Gift Certificate. Most people would welcome a little extra help keeping their fitness journey on track and a few sessions with one of the Certified Personal Trainers at OCSC will help them do just that!

Finish with your KIDS.
There have been several articles making the rounds lately that suggest instead of giving your kids gifts like toys this holiday season, it is better to give them experiences.  The logic is that while kids may be wowed as they unwrap a toy, they will quickly move on to the next present.  Toys are opened, played with for a day or so and then quickly forgotten.  Gifts of experiences however can build memories or maybe even build new skills that last a lifetime!  OCSC’s Youth Programming offers several different classes for kids of all ages and stages of life.  From Martial Arts, to Dance, to Gymnastics and Trampoline Training, to Fencing and fun in the Warrior Zone, enrolling your kids in classes at OCSC will help them gain confidence, make friends and may turn out to be the best gift of all.