Here we are in March. The newness of the year has worn off. Winter drags on, Spring takes its sweet time, and we feel sorta, well…..  Meh.

Let’s take a quick inventory of our New Year’s Resolutions and regroup.

So, how about it?

You mad, bro?

Yeah. Me, too. Every.single.year.

We tend to self-sabotage when we realize we’ve failed to reach a goal, and completely give up the whole thing. On January 1, it seems so doable. We’re all, “Yay! Yay! Let’s DO THIS!!” And then we get tired, or sick, or busy, or it’s hard, so we heave the entire idea out the door.

Who watched the Winter Olympics? Team USA got 23 medals and NINE golds!
So what if it was the lowest medal haul since 1998? So what if we were FOURTH? Do you think those athletes went home, threw themselves face-down on their beds, and gave up? NO WAY! Maybe they considered it. They probably wanted to. But GUARANTEED every single one of those young, strong athletes got back to the gym and got back to meetings with their coaches and went back to the drawing board to formulate a new plan, a new goal, a new schedule.

And that’s exactly what we’re proposing you do. No shame in life getting in the way. No embarrassment. We’re not dwelling on why you haven’t succeeded YET, we’re simply supporting your ongoing quest for health, happiness, and living your best life.

What if we told you that you can re-group and start again? What if we told you you’re not alone? What if we had some help to offer? Because you can, you’re not, and we do!

We know how intimidating it can be to walk into a gym, alone, and hear the unfamiliar sounds, and be utterly aware of how unprepared we feel. We stand there in the entrance and we’re acutely aware of our clothes, our bellies, and our (lack of) knowledge. We figure we have two choices as we stand there: dive in and figure it out, or cut and run before anyone is the wiser. But friends, here’s another option:

You arrive, you sign in, you mention you have an appointment with one of our awesome personal trainers. Then, that person, who has been specifically chosen for you, greets you with a smile and and an encouraging pep-talk. You go over your plan, your goals, and you work out WITH A PROFESSIONAL who guides, gently corrects, and cheerleads your progress for an entire hour!

Phew. There goes the stress, the fear, the awkwardness – poof. All gone. Problem solved.

Here at OCSC, we know how you feel in March. We’ve been there. We’ve all set a goal for ourselves and fallen short.  So we want to help!  We’ve got 2 great Personal Training Programs to choose from.

If you are ready, tired of falling short and know you need the consistent support of a Trainer, you’ll want to check out our Personal Training Membership program. Pay one monthly number to cover your training sessions and membership.  You can find the details here. (Link to flyer on site)

If you are feeling like you just need a little jump start, you’ll want to check out our newest Personal Training program called Smart Start 21.  21 Days of membership and a couple of personal training sessions set you on the path toward CRUSHING your fitness goals.  Find the details here.  (link to new flyer on site)

If you have questions, please email us:

Remember: Frequency is Key to Reaching Your Goals!!