February is the unofficial month of love. While most of the chatter is about giving valentines and chocolate, we’d like to chat about self love.

Part of loving yourself is taking care of yourself! Some steps toward self care are easy enough. You can drink more water, get more sleep, make healthier food choices and those are all good things…but nothing can take the place of an active lifestyle.  Thirty minutes of aerobic activity a day are shown to:

  • Prevent Chronic Disease.  The big three causes of death in the US; Heart Disease, Cancer and Stroke are all reduced with exercise.
  • Improve Sleep.  If you have trouble falling asleep and getting your recommended 8 hours each night we’ve got good news, exercise will help your zzzz time be a better quality.
  • Improve Mental Health.  People who exercise have less stress and a decrease in instances of depression.

The sad truth is that American’s don’t get the exercise they need each day!  According to the US Department of Health and Human Services more than 80% of adults don’t meet the recommended guidelines for aerobics and muscle-strengthening.

If you are part of the 80% mentioned above the question is…What are you going to do about it? 

OCSC wants to help.  We’ve got group fitness classes, an awesome cardio studio, tons of equipment and certified personal trainers all ready for you to jump in.  We even have baby-sitting services available to make it a bit easier for all you parents out there.  So if you aren’t living an active life, stop in and find out more about what we have to offer!

You deserve this!  If you are a parent and are in the habit of putting yourself last, use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to put yourself first.  See what you can do to steal a few moments from your crazy schedule to show a bit of self love.

Join a Class!

Sleep Better!

Reduce Your Stress!

Love Yourself and others will get to love you longer.