The Olympics are the ultimate test of athletics. Many kids watch the Olympics and create fantasies about competing at that level.  It’s fun to dream and we love that OCSC provides classes that give your child the opportunity to explore some of the sports involved in the games! Below are some of the youth programming classes that involve Olympic featured sports.

The gymnastics program at OCSC has produced nationally ranked gymnasts.  With years of history of providing high level gymnastics training by professional coaches, we are proud of the accomplishments of our team and the awards and championships they have received.

OCSC is home to two competitive gymnastic teams. One competes in the Junior Olympic Program of USA-Gymnastics (USAG).  The USAG team is made up of our most disciplined gymnasts whose commitment to the sport is at a high-level.  The requirements set by the USAG are demanding for sure but spurred on by their coaches; our girls are up to the challenge pushing themselves to excel in this competitive sport!

The other competes in the league offered by the United States Association of Independent Gymnastics Clubs (USAIGC).  Also a competitive program, our USAIGC team members have a high level of dedication to the sport.  Due to the less demanding requirements, many of our gymnasts are able to remain in this program for a longer period of time.

Trampoline is one of three events included in the gymnastics discipline of Trampoline & Tumbling.  Enjoyed by girls and boys alike, this elite level of the sport takes flips and twists and incorporates them into a routine.  Participation is exciting yet the skills necessary remain at a basic or recreational level.  The sport’s lower injury rate and lengthened athlete retention makes it appealing to athletes who have aged out of Olympic competition.  In fact, there were four athletes over the age of thirty competing in the sport during the last Olympics.

Although OCSC has always offered Trampoline as part of our gymnastics curriculum, we have recently become one of only two clubs selected in 2015 to become a part of the USAG Trampoline Development Center Program.  The TDC program made its debut in 2013 to help develop the sport of trampoline and tumbling in the US and expand its Olympic pipeline. OCSC now offers a competitive trampoline team to help your child’s skills grow even further.

Martial Arts
One of the two forms of Martial Arts in the Olympic Games is Tae Kwon Do. The OCSC martial arts program focuses on developing character, respect & self-control.  Your child can develop effective self-defense techniques in our safe and friendly environment.  Our program is about more than Marital Arts; it is about breaking down barriers and achieving goals.

With the US Women’s National Team winning the World Cup this year, soccer is gaining a large amount of popularity in the US. OCSC offers many soccer programs for children of all ages in our Outdoor Sports Park. Whether your child is in kindergarten just learning the basics or a high school star wanting to tighten up their skills before the season starts, we have just the clinic or camp for them! All of our Sports Park programming features qualified, professional coaches & trainers who are passionate about passing on the skills needed to play the sport they love.

Fencing is one of the five events that has been featured at every modern Olympic Games (the others include track and field, cycling, swimming & gymnastics).  This fine art of combat uses swords (foils) to teach agility, flexibility, balance and mental toughness.  Physical Chess, as fencing is sometimes referred, develops students mind and body both! Our hour and a half co-ed class on Fridays at 6:30 PM is for children age 7 and up is one of the few in the area.

At OCSC, we strive to give your child the opportunities to grow as an athlete. Open Enrollment for fall youth programming begins on August 17, so make sure to sign up your future Olympian for the program that best suits them!