It’s no secret – kids like to move.  Think back to when your kids were toddlers, once they figured out how to get themselves moving, there was no stopping them!

Recently generations have seen kids gravitate toward screens for games and away from active play. The current generation spends less than half the time playing outside that their parents did. And their parents spent considerably less time playing outside than the generation before them.

This trend toward less activity is not healthy!  According to the Journal of Pediatrics, less time spent physically active and more time spent in front of screens is not only causing kids to be overweight, but it has a negative effect on their cognitive and psychological development, too.

Parents, it is not your fault.

Not completely, anyway. Societal norms have changed. Today, fewer kids come straight home after school, neighborhoods are perceived as more dangerous, and families rarely have a stay-at-home caregiver. Whatever the reason, this new normal has created a host of problems, not the least of which is childhood obesity which has lead to an epidemic of Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes.

According to, the Three Elements of Fitness are endurance, strength, and flexibility. Parents should encourage their kids to do a variety of activities that help them work on all three elements.

We at Orange County Sports Club care about your kids!  We want to encourage all kids to get up and move! We have a variety of activities that cover each of the Three Elements of Fitness and will appeal to a wide variety of kids!  For instance, expressive kids may enjoy dance classes; overly-energized kids will surely benefit from Warrior Zone; kids who need discipline or maybe lack confidence may want to try martial arts; thoughtful kids may want to try their hand at fencing; competitive kids may do well with gymnastics. Surely there is one that will appeal to your kids.

Here in the bleakest part of winter, why not head over to OCSC and sign the kids up for a class?  Studies show that they’ll think better, rest better, feel better, gain confidence, and who knows? Their grades may even improve! Giving them some fitness fun is a great Valentine’s Day gift!  Much better than any sweet treat!!  See you at the membership desk!