What little girl hasn’t imagined herself as an Olympian?  We are proud of the Gymnastics classes that are part of our youth programming here at OCSC and we are so excited to have the opportunity to further develop our program to include additional trampoline classes!

Earlier this year, OCSC became one of only two clubs selected in 2015 to become a part of the Trampoline Development Center Program.  The TDC program made its debut in 2013 to help develop the sport of trampoline and tumbling in the US and expand its Olympic pipeline.

OCSC has always offered a trampoline class as part of our curriculum, but with the TDC program, we will be adding additional classes as the students progress and begin recruiting for the formation of a competitive team.  We have even started a class for younger students called PreK Jump! that began at the end of July.  Melissa Rimpici, OCSC’s Youth Program Director shared, “OCSC is excited to be chosen as one of the few Olympic Development Centers in the US.  We have always strived to offer innovative programs for every child’s ability and interests.  With the expansion of our trampoline program we can add new opportunities for all children to be active in a safe fun environment.”  In addition to OCSC’s development of a competitive team the club hopes to soon offer classes for children with special needs. Rimpici explains, “The sport is beneficial to children with Autism not only because of the cardio activity and work on balance, it also optimizes focusing areas in the brain.” As the TDC program continues to develop, OCSC has plans to host competitions as early as next spring.

About Trampoline
Trampoline is one of four events including in the gymnastics discipline of Trampoline & Tumbling.  Enjoyed by girls and boys alike, this elite level of the sport takes flips and twists and incorporates them into one routine.  Participation is exciting yet the skills necessary remain at a basic or recreational level.  The sport’s lower injury rate and lengthened athlete retention makes it appealing to athletes who have aged out of Olympic competition.  In fact, there were four athletes over the age of thirty competing in the sport during the last Olympics.

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