When it comes to being happy with your body image most of us struggle.  When it comes to pinpointing the body part that is the most cringe worthy many of us would look no further than our tummy.

If your middle looks more like a spare tire than a six pack, read on… we have a few top 5 lists to help you get your tummy ready for summer!

Top 5 Foods to avoid:

  • Refined Grains – Basically anything white is bad.  That means avoiding white bread, white rice and regular white pasta.  Instead reach for whole or multi grain bread, brown rice or whole wheat pasta!
  • Potatoes – We love potatoes but studies have shown that your favorite bag of chips could be adding inches to your waist.
  • Red / Processed Meats – This is no surprise; study after study reveals that eating red meat can be detrimental to your health.
  • Frosting – Not only is store bought frosting filled with artificial dies and colors, it is loaded with trans fats!
  • Diet Soda – Just because there isn’t any sugar doesn’t make it healthy. When it comes to diet soda, just say no!

Top 5 Foods to eat:

  • Leafy Green Veggies – Kale and spinach are great choices.  Both are high in fiber which helps to keep your digestive system moving!
  • Bananas & Blueberries – Filled with antioxidants and fiber, these two fruits don’t have the excess fructose that sometimes make fruits land on the no-no list.
  • Quinoa & Oats – These two grains make the list because they are lower in carbs than other grains.  Plus they are both high in fiber which is good for your belly!
  • Nuts – Nuts are the perfect mix of protein, fat (the good kind) and fiber!
  • Greek Yogurt – A recent study at the University of Tennessee revealed that people who replaced foods with yogurt showed a significant reduction in their waist circumference.

OCSC wants to help you accomplish your goals!  If your tummy is a trouble area, we’d love to help.
One idea is to try Yoga!  One of our group fitness classes here at OCSC, Yoga is great for strengthening your core! 

Or, if group fitness classes aren’t your cup of tea, working with a personal trainer can give you extra motivation and helps you to focus on your trouble areas.

Whatever your goals, your friends at OCSC are here to help you along the way, give us a call or come in for a tour so we can get that summer tummy you’ve been envisioning.