There is no question that organized sports are great for kids! 
Participating in a sport as a youth provides not only increased physical activity, but it also helps them to develop strength physically as well as socially.  Studies have also shown that children who participate in an organized sport have greater success later in life.  For example, did you know that approximately 73% of all corporate executives participated in organized sports when they were young?

Each year, with images of Olympic Gold dancing in their head, an average of 4 million children enroll in a sport near and dear to our OCSC hearts…..GYMNASTICS!

The perfect blend of Sports, Fitness & Fun
Gymnastics is a comprehensive sport that provides a workout for all muscle groups within the body.  In a country where 1 in 3 adults are obese, gymnastics teaches our youth about living a healthy lifestyle and studies have shown that students of the sport continue to follow it as they grow into adulthood.

Benefits to last a lifetime
Parents, take a look at the list below.  Each of these benefits has been identified in students who are involved in some type of gymnastics program.  What parent doesn’t want these things to be developed in their child?

Agility Coping Skills Listening Skills
All Around Muscle Strength Coordination Power
Balance Decreased Risk of Diabetes Respect for Others
Better Body Awareness Discipline Sharing
Better Sleep Endurance Speed
Better Posture Increased Motor Skills Strength
Communication Skills Less Instance of Obesity Taking Turns
Confidence Less Heart Disease Team Work

Gymnastics programming for youth of all ages and abilities
If you have been feeling that your child needs to be more active physically, or if you are looking to foster some of the skills listed above in a child that you love, OCSC’s gymnastics programming may be the perfect place.  Our progressive programming begins at around 15 months and grows as your child grows.  We have traditional gymnastic classes for every age group along with specialized classes for students who may have special needs.  We also have two different teams for girls dedicated to the sport and we are proud to say our program has produced nationally recognized gymnasts!  Open enrollment begins on Monday, November 3rd 2014.  Click here to register.  Or if you have questions, visit the front desk!  OCSC home of the Sports, Fitness & Fun Gymnastics Team, why train anywhere else?