Are you having trouble sticking to your 2017 Fitness Resolutions as we slip into the second month of the year?  If YES is your answer then trust me on this, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Most people set resolutions, get fired up, start working out and then somewhere…oh about now, they just stop.  It is hard to build a habit.

Are you ready for some good news?  Group Fitness classes can help you stick to your resolution to get fit!  Here’s why:

  • GX classes provide STRUCTURE
    It is easy to pass on gym time when you can show up whenever you want.  However when your favorite class is offered on Monday night at 6:00 -BODYPUMP shout out!! –  you’ll find a way to make it!
  • GX instructors model good FORM
    In a group fitness class you have a live body showing you the correct form during your entire workout!  Sometimes they will even give you pointers on when to breathe or how to hold your shoulders.
  • GX instructors will MOTIVATE you!
    While we are on the subject of instructors…they are with you for every step, deep breath and drop of sweat.  When you think you can’t finish the class, their enthusiasm is often enough to push you through.
  • GX classes offer ACCOUNTABILITY
    Once you start attending a class regularly, you begin to form a bond with the instructors and other classmates.  If you choose to skip class, they’ll miss you.

Consider asking a buddy to text you a bit of encouragement before class!

  • OCSC’s GX class schedule offers a ton of VARIETY
    Orange County Sports Club offers over 40 different group classes per week!  From Yoga to Zumba and so much in between!

Click here to see GX class schedule!

  • GX classes are FUN!!
    With GX classes like ZUMBA you may not even feel like you are working out!  Perhaps the best way to put this into words comes from some of our members who post on facebook:

“Best Instructors, I’m Pumped!” Kathie A.

Wanna see ALL these examples working together?  Check out this post from one of our members:

 “When I arrived at the Gym this evening I had not seen the post about the change for this evening’s class. I was disappointed and was going to leave…But then several of my friends from the class- said “Stay you will have fun and enjoy it!” I am so happy I listened to them- thank you for your support and encouragement! The class was so much fun and I enjoyed getting rid of the stress from the past few days!” Janet P.

So there you have it, some advice from your friends at OCSC to help you make that fitness resolution stick.  What has been your experience?  We would LOVE to hear from you.  If you love your GX class experience, please share with us in the comments below!