No one can argue that this year has been different for everyone. Especially for kids who have been stuck at home and glued to their screens.

When the entire free world is on quarantine it’s more important than ever to keep kids active! This involves more than just putting their chargers on a different floor in the house so they have to go up and down steps to get it.

It’s too easy to fall into the trap of giving kids more screen time to keep them occupied while Mom and Dad are working from home. Think of it this way, it’s not healthy for adults to sit at a desk and look at a computer all day, so why would it be any different for children?

Kids naturally love to be active and moving! According to KidsHealth, keeping them active as children can lead to healthier lives as adults. So, can you think of a better reason to keep your kids moving?

Kids respond to doing something fun and if they get some activity along the way! So how do you find the fun activities for your kids to do? That’s one of the reasons why we make youth programming a priority at OCSC. We are glad to be back and get those bodies moving!

OCSC’s gymnastics classes are a great idea. Your child will not only be active, but will also build confidence and have fun. When not in class, practicing gymnastics in the open floor space or backyard can allow children to show off their skills while keeping their muscles moving. Truly, what kid doesn’t like to impress his or her audience with those moves?

OCSC’s Elemental Ninja is also a winner! It allows kids to be active and play like a ninja while increasing their balance and speed skills.

Let OCSC help you keep your kids active. Check out our website: Orange County Sports Club Youth Programming – to see what youth programs are available.