It is with great enthusiasm that we announce Suzanne Cardillo as the Orange County Sports Club Employee of the Month for October 2020.

As we fall back into the colder months of 2020 and look ahead to the upcoming holidays, we are prompted to think about what we are thankful for and what new chapters we can begin. From Orange County Sports Club’s perspective, one thing we are beyond thankful for is the love and support October’s Employee of the Month has shown us over the years. With over 11 years of experience at OCSC, Suzanne Cardillo has become a staple of our business. If you’ve been a part of our gymnastics program or enrolled a young child in one of our programs, chances are you’ve been impacted by Ms. Suzanne.

On a daily basis, Suzanne makes it her job to leave a lasting impact on her students and fellow co-workers. Whether it is a subtle smile, an energetic good morning greeting, or a motherly hug, her gestures make each day better! When asked what she most likes about her job, Suzanne stated “seeing the faces of my students when they learn something new.”

Growing up in the Bronx, Suzanne has made OCSC her second home. Her countless hours of work on the floor, cleaning in the depths of our facility and time spent on the computer are integral to our overall success. Suzanne came to OCSC with little to no knowledge of computer software. Now she is leaned upon to coordinate and administer all of our programs. When asked about that extension of her role, Suzanne said “this is my proudest moment at OCSC. Coming from knowing nothing about computers to being able to conquer one now makes me feel like I can conquer anything!”

Suzanne also thoroughly enjoys her time away from OCSC. Just recently she celebrated her 35th wedding anniversary. She is also the mother to three fantastic adult children. Her love for motorcycles, hiking, relaxing in the sun and reading are really what allows her to let go when she’s not at work.

OCSC prides itself on creating and maintaining a family-like atmosphere and Suzanne is a huge extension of that. Many of our staff playfully call her mom and most all of us flock to her for advice and guidance. Suzanne’s personal motto is “It is what it is. Stay positive and make it work.” With a perspective like that, can you blame us for loving her so much?

A note from the General Manager:

“Suzanne probably knows more about this facility and operation that we all do. Her years of experience have provided OCSC with a person who can support any issue we encounter. Her versatility is essential to our daily operation. Just recently, my daughter began gymnastic classes at OCSC. Ms. Suzanne is her instructor and I now have firsthand knowledge of the greatness of her instruction. Each week my daughter can’t wait to get back to class and see Ms. Sue. She’s impacted all of our worlds in many different ways and we can only hope to attempt to reciprocate that on some level. We all love you Suzanne! Thanks so much for what you do!”

Please help us in congratulating Suzanne Cardillo as Orange County Sports Club Employee of the Month!
Thank you very much for all your hard work and dedication!