It is with great enthusiasm that we announce Jackie Combs as the Orange County Sports Club Employee of the Month for March 2020.

 Jackie’s steadfast presence at OCSC, unwavering enthusiasm, dedication to her craft, co-workers, participants and facility, as well as her adaptability in the face of adversity earned her this much deserved honor.

A lifelong gymnast who has trained, competed, coached and was recognized at all levels including state, regional and national competitions, Jackie has turned her ultimate passion into a career. Her mission for gymnastics is to provide a fun, safe environment where young athletes can thrive.

Jackie prides herself on being well-rounded. With a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Jackie is passionate about working alongside children with special needs. She has spent time working as a paraprofessional, behavior specialist, and teacher in a local school community as well as with the Special Olympics. And let’s not forget about her commitment to her Co-Ed Softball Team, 5k road races and Tough Mudder races that she competes in on her down time.

When asked about her outlook on her position at Orange County Sports Club and what it means to her, Jackie went on to say:

“I want to nurture participant’s talent and provide positive life experiences that can be carried into their adult lives. This sport teaches so much more than just flips; it teaches valuable life lessons such as perseverance, mental toughness, courage and so much more! This sport is and has been my life! Although there have been many ups and downs, I still hold on to that passion and look to share it with my athletes.”

A note from the General Manager:

“From the first time that I met Jackie, her impact was apparent. I have only been in this position for a month now but she immediately showed her versatility and commitment to the cause. This month of March has been trying for all of us; staff, participants, members and families. Jackie has taken it upon herself to continue working with her participants, develop programs and, before the mandated closing, cleaned and disinfected a variety of spaces within OCSC. I commend her on her approach and look forward to her future here at OCSC. Thank you for all your efforts, Jackie!”

Please help us in congratulating Jackie Combs as Orange County Sports Clubs Employee of the Month!

Thank you very much for all your hard work and dedication!