American Ninja Warrior has sparked the rise of “Ninja” gyms across America. Most of which cater to adults. OCSC has brought the same excitement to your kids – without Matt and Akbar as announcers in our Warrior Zone! The Warrior Zone is OCSC’s program for kids six and older who are ready to have fun while getting fit.

The Warrior Zone will help your child build strength, agility, balance, speed, and endurance. All of which not only create healthy bodies but healthy minds as well. After all the isolation of the last year, kids need something special to motivate them to get back into the groove, and playing like a Ninja is a great idea!

Our 60-minute co-ed class safely trains kids on each obstacle and track their times to complete the entire course. As they progress they will compete against their own best time and be able to see how they have improved. The sense of accomplishment will be priceless!

As with all our programs we are adhering to all CDC guidelines related to COVID safety procedures. All surfaces and areas are sanitized after each use and all staff and members wear masks while in the facility. Your safety and your child’s are our top priority.

We are currently working toward the goal of building our own team of Warriors at OCSC. With this news program, in addition to building their individual endurance, kids will also learn the importance of teamwork and competition.  So get your kids in the zone today and enroll them in OCSC’s Warrior Zone classes. Who knows? One day you may see your child scale the wall and hit the buzzer on American Ninja Warrior!