OCSC’s Spring Youth Programming Session for 2021 is underway and we are busy making plans (and enrolling families for our wonderful Summer Camps)!

We wanted to share a quick update for all our current youth programming families and let everyone who is new to OCSC become aware of our COVID safety protocols. We will continue our commitment to making sure OCSC is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, for all our youth programming participants.

In order to do our part to keep all students, coaches, and families safe during the COVID -19 pandemic OCSC will:

· Operate at a capacity of 50% in compliance with state guidelines.

· Ask that only one parent or non-participating individual enter the building at the main entrance. We would encourage that parents or other spectators take advantage of our Spot TV program to watch our classes from their cars or while running errands https://www.spottv.pro/live/

· Require hand sanitizing for everyone who enters the building.

· Temperature will be checked and any participant who appears ill will be sent home

· Masks are required for all spectators and non-participating individuals. Children will wear a mask upon entry and may remove them when activities begin but must keep them on them at all times and wear them when traveling through the building.

· Ask all participants to limit the number of items brought into the gym. We will not allow any personal belongings in the lobby, including shoes, non-gymnastics clothes, and jackets.

· Make a strong effort to socially distance, but due to the nature of the sport, there will be times that contact or less than prescribed physical distancing will occur.

· Spotting is sometimes necessary for safety and to prevent injury. Children will only be spotted as needed.

· Cleaning and disinfection supplies will be made available to all participants.

The safety of our staff, coaches, participants, and parents is very important to us! We know you will do your part to help create a safe environment and continued success. We are in this together!