Do you feel it? Spring is finally here! It’s difficult to keep kids active when the weather outside makes them want to hibernate by curling up under a blanket and playing video games, this past year especially, with COVID restrictions.

After being in hibernation mode for winter, spring is the time for kids to burst out of coats and get back into the “SPRING” of things. Physical activity is important for children not only for physical growth and development but for mental and social health as well.

Everyone knows that active children develop stronger bones, muscles, and joints including the heart muscle. Physical activity also builds better balance and posture and helps kids maintain a healthy weight. However, did you realize that physical activity also gives your child the ability for better concentration and focus in school? Group activities give children the chance to learn new skills and make new friends. All of this leads to greater self-esteem and will allow your child to establish healthy lifestyle routines.

Our classes are designed to provide aerobic exercise to improve the cardiovascular system while building flexibility and endurance. Our leaders know just how to stimulate kids’ interests in physical activity and have fun at the same time.

OCSC has exactly what every child needs. Our Spring sessions are underway and classes include trampoline, gymnastics, and Elemental Ninja for all ages and fencing for children six years old and above. To find out if we have any openings in any of our classes, please head to our website or give us a call! Classes at OCSC are a great way to help them get back into the SPRING of things!

OCSC prides itself on providing a safe environment for all clients and your child’s safety is of the utmost importance. All CDC guidelines are adhered to including health screening upon sign-in, acceptable face masks are required at all times, social distancing and cleaning and sanitizing of our facility and all equipment.

We’ve also got some super fun-themed summer camps lined up for kids 4 and older who are potty trained! To find out more about our summer camps head to the link on our website!