We can’t wait to see you…but please don’t overdo it!

After months of quarantine we are all excited about finally opening our doors once again!  We are as excited to see our favorite members working out at OCSC as you are to hit the fitness center.  We do however want to be sure that you avoid injury while you hop back into your exercise routine.

As you prepare for your first day back at OCSC we recommend that you:

  • Start Slow – There is no shame in starting with a low-intensity workout on your first day back.  Injuries can happen when you jump in too quickly.  Your body may not be ready and if you struggle physically, you could struggle mentally as well!  There is nothing wrong with taking it slow your first week back, if you normally do an hour of cardio, start with 15 minutes and work up from there.
  • Do What Works – Give your body an easy win by starting with something that works.  While there is no harm in trying something new, if you want to get your body back into the workout groove, it may be best to start with something you know and love.
  • Warm up – A good warm up prepares your body for the workout to come.  Take the time to ease your heart rate up and warm up your muscles.
  • Stretch – Muscles that have been dormant for some time need to stretch before jumping back into a routine.  So take the time to stretch each muscle group before hitting the machines.
  • Cardio – Is a great place to start.  Get your blood flowing and your heart rate pumping.  Walking or running on a treadmill until you are having a bit of difficulty carrying on a conversation is a good idea for a first day back.
  • Listen to your body – If your body tells you it is time to quit, listen.  You can always come back tomorrow and start again!
  • Cool down – Take the time to get your heart rate back down to a normal resting rate.  Cooling down will also help you prevent post workout stiffness and soreness.
  • Take rest days – On rest days, your body is still hard at work, resting and repairing.  Recovery is part of a healthy, active, lifestyle.

Are you as excited as we are??  We want to continue build a community that encourages one another on our individual fitness journeys so we would love to hear from you!  Would you snap a photo of your return to OCSC and post it to our Facebook or Instagram page?  Use the hashtag #BackatOCSC.  It’ll be our way to celebrate together!