It is with great enthusiasm that we announce Cheyenne Ramberan as the Orange County Sports Club Employee of the Month for July 2020.

Cheyenne has been a member of the Orange County Sports Club team for five years but has spent an additional nine years with OCSC gaining experience as a participant in our recreational gymnastics programs. Over that time, Cheyenne has been able to develop one of the most committed, devoted and loyal followings in all of Orange County Sports Club. Cheyenne takes great pride in meeting great kids and their families. “Teaching my students to learn new skills and seeing them smile when they accomplish their goals is the most gratifying part of my job” said Cheyenne. Another attribute that makes Cheyenne such an integral part of the OCSC team is her attention to detail and focus on safety. Growing up in gymnastics, Cheyenne understands that her participants must feel comfortable with their coach in order to excel. A big part of that is ensuring the safety of each and every participant. Some of Cheyenne’s proudest moments stem from her ability to step in before, or even during, a potential mistake. “The less accidents the better,” states Cheyenne.

It’s no secret that these past months have been trying for everyone at Orange County Sports Club.  However, Cheyenne has been a bright spot as she has masterfully coordinated and facilitated our summer camp programs. As the lead instructor, Cheyenne has taken on additional responsibility and has reveled in this time of uncertainty to create an atmosphere of trust and support. Cheyenne has proved her resilience in the face of adversity to create a committed camper base who has continually returned for more each week.

When Cheyenne is not coaching, she takes time to do what she loves including reading, hiking, painting, graphic design, swimming and taking care of her many pets.  As with many of us these days, Cheyenne has taken full advantage of spending quality time with her family and friends.  There is nothing greater than being silly with the ones she loves most including her little sister (a former OCSC Gymnast as well) who she loves dearly.

When asked what her personal philosophy or motto is, Cheyenne shared “stay humble and kind.

Cheyenne is one of Orange County Sport Club’s most sincere and creative employees.  Her positivity and genuine approach to work brings a smile to everyone’s face.  Thank you for being you, Cheyenne!”

A note from the General Manager:

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different and true to themselves. Cheyenne has been the epitome of irreplaceable over the past month at Orange County Sports Club. Her ability to work under pressure, remain steadfast in the face of adversity and her uncanny aptitude for cultivating relationships has been invaluable to our re-opening.  Whether via a warm “good morning” or a motivational “you can do it,” Cheyenne always knows how to strike a chord with her fellow co-workers and committed participants. Thank you for your continued efforts, Cheyenne!

Please help us in congratulating Cheyenne Ramberan as Orange County Sports Clubs Employee of the Month!
Thank you very much for all your hard work and dedication!