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Get your kids out to play! 5 reasons Soccer is great for your kids

1 – Outdoor play is great for kids
Not only will they get their needed dose of Vitamin D, studies have shown that kids who spend time playing outdoors have lower......Read More

Welcome to Dylan Gaucher as our new Sports Park Director & Coach!

Below is a press release announcing the addition of Dylan Gaucher to the OCSC team, as the new director of our Sports Park!

Orange County Sports Club welcomes Dylan Gaucher as OCSC......Read More

What's the difference? Taking a closer look at the types of Martial Arts

The Martial Arts program at OCSC focuses on developing character, respect & self-control through the teaching of two styles......Read More

Strength Training, it's not just for athletes!

There is no doubt that when it comes to building muscle and targeting specific muscle groups, working out with strength training equipment is the way to go.  We all know......Read More

The Buddy System! Why working out with a buddy might be the key to reaching your fitness goals.

Do you remember the buddy system?  Back when you were in grade school and your teacher made you pair up with......Read More

Why introduce your children to a love of Dance? Let me count the reasons!

Why Dance? 
Well, aside from the fact that it just feels good to dance, there are in fact a TON of benefits for children to give dancing a try!

1......Read More

The 12 tips to avoid holiday weight gain

The average person gains between 5-8 pounds in the 5 weeks between Thanksgiving & New Years Eve.
That would not be so scary except for the fact that most of us NEVER......Read More

Gymnastics, the perfect blend of Sports, Fitness & Fun!

There is no question that organized sports are great for kids! 
Participating in a sport as a youth provides not only increased physical activity, but it also helps them......Read More

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Get Excited For... SGT!

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