Music To Inspire, Instructors To Teach And A Group Environment To Keep You Motivated

Group fitness provides stability, accountability and built in motivation in the form of an instructor who wants nothing more than for you to reach your fitness goals! Plus a group fitness class is a complete workout! Our classes are structured to provide a well-rounded exercise routine and when you feel you can’t go on, there is a room full of people to help push you through the plateau.

With a wide variety of classes scheduled each week, our group fitness program offers something for everyone! Take a look at the class descriptions and find one that works for you!


LES MILLS™ is the world’s largest provider of choreographed exercise-to-music group fitness classes.


Sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body fast! This class uses a proven BODYPUMP™ formula; utilizing THE SMART BAR™ with THE REP EFFECT™, a breakthrough in resistance workout training. The focus is on low weight loads and high repetition movements, so you’ll burn fat, gain strength and quickly produce lean body muscle conditioning.



Gain deep relaxation, flexibility and balance through various postures and breathing techniques. This ancient form of movement might be just what you need to relax.

Gentle Yoga

Love yoga but find you need to go at a slower pace? This class may just be perfect for you. It is also great for those recovering from an injury.

Sunrise Yoga

Need a little jump start to your day? Try our Sunrise Yoga class to gain some mental clarity and get ready to face the world.


Ditch the workout, Join the dance party!

Zumba® has taken the world by storm. Over 4 million people can’t be wrong! The secret behind Zumba… is fun! So come on in and groove with us to Latin Rhythms and be lead through easy to follow dance moves!


Cycling is a fantastic way to burn a ton of calories, strengthen your legs and relieve stress! Our Cycling studio is full of Keiser Bikes waiting to take you on the ride of your life! So find your ideal class time, get into the saddle, put your feet in the clips and join us as we guide you on a mind/body journey over imaginary terrain to music that will keep you motivated! Polar Heart rate monitors are highly recommended for all spin classes.

More Group Fitness Fun

Outside of LES MILLS™, Zumba, Spin & Yoga, we have some additional classes to help you stay motivated and get fit. Check out the class descriptions below:

Forever Fit

Calling all seniors, we’ve got the class for you! This class is especially designed for you. This low impact class will definitely improve your overall health. Firming, toning and some cardiovascular training mix this class up at a pace just for you!

Body Sculpt

A powerful class involving strengthening and toning of all of the major muscle groups using weights, bands, bars and much more! This class is for all levels, anyone looking to sculpt their body and strengthen their muscles is welcome to attend.

Cardio Kickboxing

Effective Martial Arts movements combined with a series of challenging bodyweight exercises designed to improve overall muscle tone while working your entire cardio system. This high energy class will increase endurance, improve balance and flexibility while boosting your body’s metabolism to rapidly burn calories.