ou’ve spent hours and hours running around different stores trying to find the perfect gifts ranging from elaborate Barbie play sets to rough-and-tough toy trucks.  Shopping around like this for weeks on end calls for a little treat for yourself.

This holiday season, why not give the gift of fitness? After all, getting in shape is the gift that keeps on giving!

Staying in shape provides numerous benefits for you and for your children as well.

Below are four major benefits for yourself as listed by the Mayo Clinic:

  • Exercise fights against health conditions and diseases, which will lead to a longer life.
    Regularly exercising keeps your blood flow running smoothly which will prevent cardiovascular diseases.  In addition, exercise prevents stroke, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, depression, certain cancers, and arthritis.     By lowering your risk of chronic disease, you increase your life expectancy. In doing so, you will be around to spend multiple holidays with your family!

If you are new to the exercise scene and need some help, here at OCSC we have one- on-one training with personal trainers who will design a workout regimen just for you. 

  • Exercise improves mood and boosts energy.
    According to the American Psychological Association, usually within five minutes after moderate exercise you get a mood-enhancement effect.  Long-term benefits of continued exercise include a lowered risk for depression.

Consider a fun class like Zumba!  Dancing around can automatically leave you salsa-ing away with a big smile on your face ready to spread the holiday cheer!

  • Staying in shape promotes better sleep.
    Preparing for the holiday season can be exhausting.  Luckily, exercise has been proven to make you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.  When you feel rested it will be easier to deal with holiday madness!
  • It can provide you more activities you & your friends can all do together!

Exercise often becomes more fun when you do it with other people.  To commit to staying in shape you may want to have your friends join you for group fitness classes.

Consider doing a class like our Sunrise Yoga class, which will leave your friends and you refreshed and ready to start your day with your zen intact.

Treating yourself to a little fitness fun can also go hand & hand with helping find that perfect gift for your children.  Instead of the latest American Girl Doll or the newest drone, giving your kids the gift of fitness can be extremely beneficial.

Here are a few reasons why, according to Health Fitness Revolution:

  • Fitness boosts self esteem.

Being able to work towards a goal and see accomplishments along the way will increase a child’s value of their self.  What can be better than watching your child come home with a smile every day?

  • Exercising strengthens perseverance & teaches discipline.

Enrolling your children in a class such as Tae Kwon Do at OCSC will teach them discipline, self-control, & show them how to persevere to reach their goals.

  • Physical activities build character.

Participating in group physical activities as a young child can build important skills such as teamwork, leadership, & responsibility.

Here at Orange County Sports Club, we are committed to helping you & your family get in shape.  Our state of the art facility provides your family the tools to accomplish all your fitness goals.