Why Dance?
Well, aside from the fact that it just feels good to dance, there are in fact a TON of benefits for children to give dancing a try!

1 – Dance channels their energy
Dance provides a way for our children to expend a burst of energy in a structured environment.  Even if only for the duration of an hour long class, dancing away their energy is a good thing!

2 – It is great for younger kids too!
Dance is a great place for kids who are younger and lack the coordination needed to participate in certain organized sports programs.

3 – Dance will improve their overall physical health
Not only will they burn calories, they will gain better flexibility, better range of motion, increased physical stamina and increased overall strength!

4 – It fine tunes their motor skills
The repetitive motions your child will do during a typical dance class will improve their overall muscle tone, make a difference in their posture and help with balance and coordination!

5 – Social Skills improve with Dance
Attending class each week gives your child automatic interaction with children so that they can work on making new friends!  Additionally they will learn to communicate better and get plenty of practice following directions.

6 – Dance helps them learn to take risks
They will try new moves and perform in front of an audience.  This skill will be invaluable to them on many levels throughout their lives!

7 – There are links between dance and increased academic success
Kids who participate in dance show higher SAT scores and higher averages in both Science and Math!

8 – Dance benefits carry over into the classroom!
The focus and discipline required during a class is a training ground that builds easily transferable skills.  Your child’s teachers will owe you a big Thank You!

9 – It gives them a better sense of their bodies
Understanding which muscle is needed for which move and learning how to move all the different parts of their bodies in different ways is great for younger kids.

10 – Dance gives them a positive outlook
As they practice and work toward perfecting a particular move and finally meeting their goal, they are building self confidence as well as self esteem.  Remember, kids with a good self image have a more positive outlook on life!

11 – They get to learn how to better express themselves!
Nothing is better than watching your child blossom and show the world who they are!  The look on the face of a child when they have perfected a difficult move or danced to a piece of music they love is one of pure joy!

12 – Dance is a lifelong gift!
The confidence gained. The coordination developed. These are things that are irreplaceable in a child’s life. What is more, they are skills that they will use throughout their lives!