There are activities that people do each and every day without giving them a second thought that could be affecting the growth and performance of your muscles.  If you are repeatedly doing any of the following simple activities, you could be overworking a group of muscles and causing them undo stress.  Muscle groups that are overworked can become tight or inflamed leaving underworked muscles weak.  This can create a body that is not in balance!

5 Habits that Can Affect Muscle Health:

  • Sleeping

If you sleep on one side night after night, you could wake up with muscles that are tightened, getting in the way of the kind of successful workout that comes with loose muscles. The same can be said of people who repeatedly sleep on their stomach.  Try sleeping on your back for portions of the night to try to retrain yourself and give your body time to relax.

  • Walking Up Stairs

Most of us are dominate on one side or the other.  When you walk up a staircase each and every day leading with the right (or the left foot) for every step, you end up over-using one set of muscles and under-utilizing the other set of muscles.  Take extra care to alternate your legs as you walk up the stairs.

  • Standing Still

When standing still, most of us place a majority of our weight on either one foot or the other.  If this becomes habitual, it can create an imbalance.  If you become aware putting more weight one foot, refocus and divide your weight evenly between your legs with feet hip-width apart.

  • Crossing Legs

If you always cross one particular leg over the other when you sit, it may be time to rethink that.  Try sitting with both feet flat on the floor or change positions and cross the other leg over for a change.

  • Carrying Bags

If you always carry your purse or gym bag over your right shoulder as you head out the door in the morning, you could be causing the muscles on one side of your body to be tense.  Switch things up and move your bag to the other side from time to time!

Your friends at OCSC are here to help you get the most out of your work out.  If you think your habits are getting in the way of your fitness progress we want to help you get back in balance.  We hope this blog helped to make you aware of some of your habits and gave you something to think about as you progress through your day.