Did you know OCSC is an official USA Gymnastics Trampoline Development Center?
It’s true!  Trampoline is an event included in the gymnastics discipline of Trampoline & Tumbling and OCSC was named an official development center earlier this year. 

We offer co-ed classes from age 3 – 12 with hopes to add more in the near future!

  • Total Trampoline - Level 1 & 2 – Is a fun filled 60 minute class for boys and girls utilizing the trampoline and tumble track.  The class is designed to strengthen their bodies and help their jumping skills.
  • Total Trampoline - Level 3 & 4 – As our level 1 & 2 trampoline students progress, we’ve created a 60 minute class for boys and girls who are ready to learn more about the trampoline. 

We have begun recruiting for the formation of a competitive team!
If you are interested, feel free to get in touch with us (845)-651-1000

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