The historical sport of Fencing is alive and well at OCSC! 

Competitive fencing is one of the five events that has been featured at every modern Olympic Games (the others include track and field, cycling, swimming & gymnastics).  The fine art of fencing uses swords (foils) to teach agility, flexibility, balance and mental toughness. 

Think of it as Physical Chess, that develops a student’s mind and body!
Our hour and a half co-ed class for children age 7+ is one of the few in the area!

About Tory Jeppestol (OCSC’s fencing instructor)

Tory Jeppestol began studying foil and saber fencing at SUNY Orange in 2015. After two years of learning, he started helping teach the other college students. Most notably, he has been an active member of Boy Scout Troop 273, having earned the rank of Eagle in 2012. His experiences in the troop include leading the troop from 2011-2012 and registering as an Assistant Scout Master after aging out a year later.

Tory designs his classes similar to his old scout troop where he focuses on individual talents and techniques. He helps his students discover and understand their own capabilities and builds on their strengths while learning to counter their weaknesses. His students partake in physical and mental exercises which aid them in their learning experience all while maintaining a friendly and enjoyable environment.