The historical sport of Fencing is alive and well at OCSC! 

Competitive fencing is one of the five events that has been featured at every modern Olympic Games (the others include track and field, cycling, swimming & gymnastics).  The fine art of fencing uses swords (foils) to teach agility, flexibility, balance and mental toughness. 

Think of it as Physical Chess, that develops a student’s mind and body!
Our hour and a half co-ed class for children age 7+ is one of the few in the area!

About Kelly Ng (OCSC’s fencing instructor)

    Kelly's coaching philosophy centers around
    developing both physical and mental strength.
    She designs classes to specifically improve agility,  
    coordination, and muscle strength. To prepare students
    for competition, she teaches mental exercises, fencing etiquette,
    and  motivational techniques that can help students both on and
    off the fencing  strip. 

 Kelly brings 7 years of competitive fencing experience and 3 years of  coaching experience with her to OCSC.


  • Competed for the NYU NCAA Division III Fencing Team
  • Placed in the Top 8 at the Temple University Open
  • Qualified for NCAA Regional 3 years in a row|
  • ​Ranked 8th in NJ as a High School fencer
  • Named Fencer of the Month by the Star Ledger
  • Consistent top 8 finishes at NJ State Championship as an Assistant Coach Assistant
  • Coach for team finishing 1st  place at NJ State Sections