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The Sweetest Treat: Classes at OCSC


The month of October is filled with all things scary as everyone prepares for Halloween.  From ghastly ghosts to snickering witches, everything gets a little spookier around this time of year.  However, there is something even more frightening than the skeleton in the corner…

It’s the fact that in New York State, the instances of childhood and adolescent obesity have tripled over the past three decades.

No need to hide under the covers after reading that fact.  This Halloween, you can add better treat to your child’s bag of goodies by enrolling them in a youth programming class at OCSC! Aside from combating obesity, youth fitness classes have been shown to:

  • Strengthen bones
  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Boost self-esteem

There’s no limit to the fun your child will get out of the sweet treat of youth programming at OCSC.  We have a number of options for both boys and girls of all different ages. 

 For Toddlers 12 – 24 months there’s:

Gym Baby & Baby Tot
Spend some quality time with your baby in this 45 minute class introducing children to the gym environment.  During this class, your baby will learn basic skills which will help them begin to take direction and equipment designed just for them.

For Toddlers 3 – 5 years old there’s:

Tiny Tumblers
Your little tumbler is growing!  This 45 minute class is the first class without mommy or daddy by their side.  Your child will learn basic gymnastic skills at a variety of stations including vaulting, balance beams, bars, tumbling and the ever popular trampoline. 

Combo will give your child a taste of two of OCSC’s most popular youth programming classes: dance and gymnastics!  During this one hour class, your child will get to learn some beginner moves in both these areas.  (There is also a Combo class on the schedule for 5-8 year olds)

Lil Gymmies
If your son or daughter has never taken any gymnastics class before, Lil Gymmies is the class for them!  Students learn simple strength skills, vaulting, balance beam, bars, tumbling, ring and trampoline during this one hour class.  This is a perfect time for them to build social skills by meeting new friends. 

Pre-K Jump
Let’s face it, whenever a child sees a trampoline they instantly get excited!  Allow your child to unleash their inner jumper in this class specifically designed for children ages 3-5.  This fun-filled 45 minute class is designed to get your preschooler used to the trampoline and teach them safe practices. 

For Children 5+ there’s:

Girls Gymnastics
Your little girl has seen gymnasts such as Simone Biles and Laurie Hernandez soar through the air in videos from the Olympics and wants to give it a shot.  This 60-minute beginner class will start with basic skills such as forward and backward rolls, cartwheels and roundoffs. 

Boys Gymnastics
Enrolling your son in gymnastics at a young age will help him build strength and agility as he grows.  This beginner class starts with the basic skills such as forward and backward rolls, cartwheels & simple routines.  At this level your son will also be introduced to bars, the vault, the floor, rings, pommel horse and high bars. 

Cheer- Tumble
Learning the proper techniques and tumbling skills will help your child as they move on in the cheering world.  Our ever popular tumbling class for beginners always starts with a warm-up, which goes onto drills which help them get ready for cartwheels, round offs and the ultimate skills of a back hand spring!

Cheer – Technique and Tumble
This 60-minute beginner level class focuses on count, chant, basic skills and jumps in addition to some basic tumbling skills and stunting.  This can help your child succeed whether they are cheering for elementary to high school, a recreational team or even an all-star traveling team!

Total Trampoline
For beginners, Levels 1&2 will help boys and girls learn the trampoline and help them on the tumbling track.  This class is specifically designed to strengthen their bodies while helping their jumping skills.  As they progress, your child will move onto Levels 3&4 and learn more about the trampoline!

En garde!  Our hour and a half co-ed fencing class for children 7+ is one of the few classes in the area.  Have your child celebrate this historical sport as they learn agility, flexibility, balance and mental toughness. 

Warrior Zone
Orange County Sports Club has brought the hit television show American Ninja Warrior to life with our brand new Warrior Zone! Obstacle training for children has been shown to build agility, balance, speed and endurance. 

More Fun for All Ages:

Dance with us!
Your child can have fun, express their creativity, gain confidence and get fit all in one activity! There are an abundant amount of classes offered by Northeast Dance Movement at OCSC including:

  • Pre-Dance Ballet, Ballet/Tap, Ballet & Pointe
  • Tap
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Lyrical & Contemporary
  • Kickline
  • Acro

Martial Arts with Northeastern Martial Arts
The OCSC martial arts program focuses on developing character and helps your child discover discipline and self-control.  The program aims to do more than just teach your child Martial Arts, it is also about breaking down barrier and achieving goals.  Whether you want your child to gain confidence or they want to work toward a Black Belt, our instructors will be by your side.

No tricks, all treats!

With the variety of programs that OCSC offers, we can guarantee you will find something for each member of your family! 

Priority Registration for our Winter 1 Session Begins October 23

Open Registration for our Winter 1 Session Begins October 30


For complete information about all of our Youth Programming and to register visit orangecountysportsclub.com/youth-fitness or give us a call at 845-651-1000.