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The Sport That Takes You to Brand New Heights


Throughout history, there has been one sport that has stood the test of time.

It is still a popular activity to watch when competitions are on TV. 

Four thousand years ago, the sport was invented in ancient Greece and continues to inspire spectators across the globe…

Can you name the sport?

We are talking about gymnastics, of course!

Gymnastics is one of the world’s most popular sports and is enjoyed by audiences of all ages, especially kids! Kids love to watch their favorite gymnasts whether it be Simone Biles, Laurie Hernandez or Sam Mikulak facing the challenges of the uneven bar, trampoline, vault and floor exercise.

The thing about these gymnasts is they all started the same way: in a gymnastics class.  

Does your child want be like their favorite Olympic hero?
Enrolling them in a gymnastics class can inspire them to be like their favorite gymnasts and receive a bunch of other benefits such as…

An Abundant Amount of Opportunities
Does your child like to meet people? Gymnastics class gives them a great opportunity to meet new people!  Plus - participating in competitive gymnastics will allow your son or daughter to see places they have never seen.  In 2017 alone some of our gymnasts have traveled as far as Reno, Nevada for this year’s Worlds Competition!  

Strong Sense of Discipline
Whether they are a beginning tumbler or training for a State competition, your little gymnast will be learning discipline throughout their gymnastics journey.  Our coaches help your child set goals and show them how to stay on track to meeting or even exceed those targets.  This process allows your child to grow more dedicated to their sport and that gives them the discipline not only in the gymnastics world, but in other aspects of their life as well.    

Excelling in School
According to one study done by the NCAA, gymnasts often excel in their studies.  After all, as mentioned above, the discipline they learn through participating in the sport extends to other areas of their life.  Gymnasts were shown to have an average GPA of 3.2 of above!  In fact, college graduation rates for gymnasts are more than 90%.   

Learning Skills to Translate to other Sports
Flexibility, balance, strength and coordination are only some of the skills your child will learn through this amazing sport.  Training for gymnastics does not just make them a better gymnast; it makes them an overall better athlete.  Once the foundation is laid, your son or daughter can use these skills for other sports as well! 

Confidence Booster
Between making new friends, working to meet goals and building physical strength, gymnastics is a great confidence booster for any child.  While in gymnastics classes, your son or daughter will overcome many physical challenges.  These successes will help them gain confidence and often translates in scenarios outside of the world of gymnastics.

Life-long Friendships
Gymnasts have to train hard and putting in hours of time learning new routines and practicing for upcoming competitions alongside their teammates.  Due to this incredible shared experience, the friends your child makes in their gymnastics classes will often last a lifetime.  Not only will they meet people while they are training, they will get to know people from around the state and country during competitions. 

So are you ready to help your child soar to new heights?

Enroll today in a gymnastics class at Orange County Sports Club!
Our program has been around for over 10 years and has helped children reach their gymnastics goals.  We’ve even produced nationally ranked gymnasts!  We have classes for kids of all ages and skill levels.  Have them experience a program that will allow them to have fun and soar to new heights.  To register, call 845-651-1000 or click here