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Survive the Holiday Season Without Losing Your Sanity With This One Simple Trick


Hold on….. What’s the date?!? How can that be?

How many times have you heard that exact sentiment this week? And how many more times over the next few weeks will you hear something similar?


It’s that time of year again. The Holidays!

Time for shopping, planning, traveling, rehearsing, organizing, decorating, synchronizing calendars, cooking, cleaning, spending, wrapping, prioritizing, stressing, spinning out of control…


Did I miss anything?? Oh. Yeah. Right. EATING!!


And let’s follow that up with making excuses, avoiding mirrors, and hunting down our fat pants.


To make room for all these crazy activities what do we do?  We skimp on other essential activities such as sleeping, meditating, resting, hydrating, meal planning, portion control, and exercising.


How do we stop the madness? We’ve got an idea. A very simple trick.




With this self-talk you are making yourself a promise, a compromise.  It goes like this…


JUST THIS TIME, I’ll skip the cookie tray at the meeting.


JUST THIS TIME, I’ll offer a raw veggies with dip for dinner instead of hitting the drive thru.


JUST THIS TIME, I’ll say, “Oh, isn’t that a beautiful slice of pie! Please offer it to someone else who’d enjoy it.


JUST THIS TIME, I’ll avoid the punch bowl at the Holiday party.


JUST THIS TIME, I’ll host a Salsa Swap instead of a Cookie Swap.


You get it, right? Isn’t that brilliant?? Here’s two more and these are important so lean in…


JUST THIS TIME, if I skip the veggie tray for the chips and dip, I’ll forgive myself.


JUST THIS TIME, if the doctor suggests I exercise and take care of myself, I’ll choose to be grateful for her advice rather than feeling judged.


Because you matter. You’re important. You deserve to feel well. Enjoy the Holiday Season and all that it brings. Be kind to each other and most of all, be kind to yourself!  For more information about OCSC head to orangecountysportsclub.com or give us a call at 845-651-1000.