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Spring into Spring Training


With snow on the ground and the temperature outside still being on the chilly side, it is hard to believe that summer is only three and a half months away.  Putting your body through some Spring Training will ensure your body is in tip-top shape for the swimsuit season!

Lacking motivation? Here are some tips to jump start your spring training below:

Workout with a buddy.
When you have a workout buddy, you will have someone to keep you accountable.  In addition, with a friend, working out can be a contest to see who can tone more, lose more weight, run faster on the treadmill, etc. 

OCSC’s Membership Referral program is great because if you refer a friend and they join, you both get an extra month for free!  

Mix it up and try a different class.
You have cha-chaed your way through dozens of Zumba classes and you are getting a little bit bored.  No worries!  We have several different classes you can try.  From Cycling to Yoga, you can switch it up every week!  Short on time? We even have a 15-minute Core class that works just with your abdominal muscles.

Try a Personal Trainer.
If you do not know where to begin when it comes to your Spring workout, a personal trainer can help.  Some of the benefits of having a personal trainer include faster results, accountability, and a workout that is specifically tailored to your fitness goals.

With our Get Fit+ program, you get six consultation and training sessions with a personal trainer, unlimited use of the facility, and all group fitness classes for just $179 for six weeks ($149 for members).

Fit More Fitness into your Day!
There are tons of things you can do on your own to start training.  Below are some of our favorite ideas:

  • Skip the elevator and head for the stairs
  • Blast your favorite song and dance it out for a few minutes
  • Start your day with stretching and add a few pushups or crunches before you hit the shower
  • Play video games with your kids… Just Dance & other active games like it really get your heart rate going!
  • Take a walk after dinner    

For more information on any of these ideas, our class schedules or the offers we mentioned above, feel free to call us at 845-651-1000.  We would love to hear from you!