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May is Personal Training Month - My favorite success stories


Everyone needs a little support from time to time.  When it comes to getting fit, science proves that when your work-outs include some component of support, the results are better.  It is one of the reasons we have set aside the month of May to focus on Personal Training.  Working out with a trainer means you have a built-in support system that gives you a partner in results!

Below we are going allow OCSC’s amazing trainers to share a bit about their own personal philosophies and some of their favorite success stories.  We hope you find their words to be inspiring!



My personal philosophy is that effective training produces improvements in the real functional activities of your everyday life.

I have a few Favorite Success Stories I would like to share.  I’ll start with Andrew. I noticed Andrew was avoiding bending his right knee. He couldn't squat properly and would compensate when doing simple things like sitting in a chair or walking up stairs. We started training together with squats the right way and before you know it, his knee is completely functional again.

Mary is another of my Favorite Success Stories because it is great to see that she has taken what she learned from our workouts and continues to train on her own. She uses weight training to supplement her yoga and keeps her body strong and active.

Another Favorite Success Story is that of Vin.  He didn't have the stamina to stay on the golf course and could only make it through a 30 minute workout. Since he's been training with weights, he doesn't get tired anymore and can easily play golf after an hour workout. Stamina isn't a limiting factor anymore for anything he chooses to do!



One of my Favorite Success Stories would have to be Candice.  Candice came to me de-conditioned, overweight and lacking motivation. With realistic goals set, we went to work. That work consisted of weight training, running and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Over time Candice dropped 25 pounds, built lean muscle and ran her first 5K! She went on to complete 5 half Ironman's and one Ironman (1.2 mi. swim, 112 mi. Bike and 26.2 mi. run).

Another of my Favorite Success Stories that is a favorite of mine is Sonia. Sonia initially joined the gym to get back to exercise after gaining some weight. After she started training with me she realized not only what can be accomplished with a trainer, but also the relationship between food and exercise. She learned the benefits of consistency and intensity. With me, listening to and supporting her helped Sonia to reach her weight loss goal with the side benefit of getting stronger in her everyday life.



My personal philosophy would have to be this…If you eat right and take that time for yourself (strive for an hour & don’t make excuses!) it’s amazing how you feel and the impact it makes on your family! 

I’ve had a lot of success stories over the years that mean a lot to me but my Favorite Success Story would have to be the one that has completely adapted the true life change and still remains a success! She has lost a total of 54 lbs, reached her goal weight after almost a year and she has still kept it off for over 5 years now!

OCSC offers a variety of personal training options so get in touch with us so we can find the one that suits your fitness goals!  If you’ve got specific questions, please email us: personaltraining@orangecountysportsclub.com.