From workout tips to the latest trends in the world of fitness, we hope our blog is a healthy blend of useful information and inspiring stories.  Check back monthly for our newest post.  

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Are your habits creating muscle imbalances? Review our list of 5 to find out!

There are activities that people do each and every day without giving them a second thought that could be affecting the growth and performance of your muscles.  If you are repeatedly doing any......Read More

JULY FITNESS TIP - Exercise is a powerful pill

Exercise = Less Stress.

Physical activity itself can take your mind off of your problems and......Read More

Is your tummy ready for Summer? We've got some top tips for you!

When it comes to being happy with your body image most of us struggle.  When it comes to pinpointing the body part that is the most cringe worthy many of us would look no further than......Read More

JUNE FITNESS TIP - Are you getting the most out of your workout?

According to the guidelines established by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) adults should be getting at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each......Read More

If you are ready to begin a regular workout routine, OCSC is the place to be!

Obviously we love Orange County Sports Club and believe that we offer amazing features and benefits for our members but we felt it might be time to highlight some of the things we think make......Read More

Summertime is Coming...make sure the livin' isn't too easy!

What am I going to do with my kids all summer long??!!??

It is a question that echoes in the minds of many parents at this time of year.  We want our kids to have a good time......Read More

If you are Feeling Stressed...OCSC is the place to be!

Life can be overwhelming, not to mention stressful.  These days it seems everyone is feeling maxed out and many report that they feel stress on a daily basis and it is getting in the way......Read More

Orange County Sports Club to host the 6th Annual Florida in February International Gymnastics Competition.

FLORIDA, NY.  Orange County Sports Club will once again host the 6th Annual Florida in February International.  The competition will be held at OCSC from Friday, February 26, 2016......Read More

Be the Example. Advice for parents!

Today in the United States, nearly 1 in 3 kids are either overweight or obese.*  This is a heartbreaking statistic. Outside of the social implications for children who are carrying extra......Read More

Parent Membership Special!

Why should kids have all the fun?  We are excited to offer....
$0 Enrollment and......Read More

January 2016 is coming to an end - DON'T QUIT! Tips to help your fitness resolutions stick!

We are just taking a stab in the dark here but our guess is that you were doing great as 2016 began and now that you are 3 weeks into the New Year your motivation is starting to wane.   If......Read More

The Holidays are here... & so are the extra pounds!

The holiday season & weight gain are two things that can go hand in hand. Whether it’s a crazy holiday schedule that is keeping you from the gym or holiday stress that is causing you......Read More

Give the Gift of Fitness

For some people, buying and giving gifts is the best part of the holiday season, for others it is a chore.  We are here to help with gifts for both the fitness fanatic......Read More

Yoga is for Athletes!

We get it; people assume that it’s only acceptable for women to do yoga. But that is far from the truth! Athletes everywhere are taking advantage of the benefits of yoga. Many amateur and professional......Read More

Back to School, Back to Fitness! Tips on getting back into your fitness routine for adults.

September is here which means the kids are back in school and everyone is getting back into their routine. This is the perfect time of year to get back into your fitness routine as well! We wanted to......Read More

Introduce your kids to Olympic featured sports through classes at OCSC!

The Olympics are the ultimate test of athletics. Many kids watch the Olympics and create fantasies about competing at that level.  It’s fun to dream and we love that OCSC provides classes......Read More

Orange County Sports Club Celebrates New Brand with Ribbon Cutting.

Florida, NY – The Orange County Sports Club or OCSC, celebrated their re-brand with an official ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, August 14th at noon.  President of OCSC Eric......Read More

Get in shape for summer with these fitness apps and trackers!

Technology makes many things in our lives simpler, but can technology really help you to get in shape? Recently, there has been a lot of talk about fitness apps for your smart phone and fitness trackers......Read More

Orange County Sports Club is officially a USA Gymnastics Trampoline Development Center!

What little girl hasn’t imagined herself as an Olympian?  We are proud of the Gymnastics classes that are part of our youth programming here at OCSC and we are so excited to have the opportunity......Read More

School's Out! What to do to keep your kids active this summer.

According to the CDC, childhood obesity has nearly doubled in the past 30 years. With school now out for the summer, your kids are going to be spending a lot more time at home. It’s important......Read More

Taking a closer look at the OCSC world of gymnastics

When little girls watch the Olympics, dreams begin to form.  Dreams of competing, stepping up on the podium and getting a shiny medal placed around their neck.  Gymnastics is a wonderful......Read More

Orange County Sports Club to host Warwick Chamber of Commerce Event

Press Release:

Orange County Sports Club to host Warwick Chamber of Commerce Event

Florida, NY – Orange County Sports Club or OCSC is proud to be hosting an......Read More

Orange County Sports Club is among first chosen for the USA Gymnastics Trampoline Development Center Program.

Press Release:

Orange County Sports Club is among first chosen for the USA Gymnastics Trampoline Development Center Program.

FLORIDA, NY.  Orange County Sports......Read More

What's best for you? Taking a closer look at the Les Mills Group Fitness Classes

The Group Fitness programming at OCSC offers a wide variety of classes for people who are looking to get their fitness fix alongside other enthusiasts with an instructor ready to lead and motivate......Read More

Get your kids out to play! 5 reasons Soccer is great for your kids

1 – Outdoor play is great for kids
Not only will they get their needed dose of Vitamin D, studies have shown that kids who spend time playing outdoors have lower......Read More

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